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Event Background:

The aftermarket contributes about 65% of the total profit for international automotive industry. Auto industry’s sales growth spurt has led to an ever growing figure of car parc, which in turn requires an appropriately high-quality after-sales service. Increasingly competitive landscape in aftermarket is not just about technology, but more about the ideas of "transforming to better serve the customers is key to winning ", and aftermarket enterprises need to focus on customized and better service as one of their development priorities.

In Asia-Pacific region, both booming vehicle sales and car parc remain the drivers behind the robust demand from auto aftermarket. China's total car parc has approached 200 million while the overall market size of China's auto aftermarket industry is expected to reach more than 1 trillion RMB. Based on the success of previous three Aftermarket Summits, the fourth Summit will focus on the hot topics in the regional aftermarket, tapping into latest policy and trend of aftermarket in major Asia-pacific countries, especially China that that high on the radar of all stakeholders and other buzzing topics such as how OEMs explore into the aftermarket, dealer transformation, how auto parts players work out new strategies to seize opportunities in independent parts market, future development of maintenance franchise groups, used cars and auto finance and how to make a deep dive into NEV’s aftermarket. This is also an optimum platform where you can communicate with senior government officials, OEMs, parts manufacturers/suppliers, dealer groups as well as industrial leaders and experts on cross-border projects.

Summit Highlights:
  • Development of China’s automotive aftermarket and policy interpretation
  • Updates on vehicle insurance reform and end user analysis
  • Advanced management and operation experience from Japan
  • Diversified Korea automotive aftermarket
  • Latest policies and development trend of India's automobile aftermarket
  • How to tap into Thailand’s vehicle aftermarket
  • Status quo of Indonesia’s automotive aftermarket
  • Exploration and development of Malaysia’s automobile aftermarket
  • How to realize growth in NEV’s aftermarket
  • How should OEMs explore aftermarket and gain higher profits
  • How should large supply chain enterprises improve efficiency of the entire value chain
  • How to grasp the huge opportunity and potential in automobile financial aftermarket
  • The layout of insurance company in automotive aftermarket
  • Growth opportunities for used car market after lifting the "limits on transfers of car registration" policy
  • How should car pooling and ride sharing services develop as the "sharing economy" is gaining momentum?
  • How should offline auto repair chain stores survive in the era of Internet?
  • The presence and future of automobile modification industry in China
  • Cooperation and win-win strategy between spare parts manufacturers and e-business platforms
  • Big data Application enables the auto aftermarket to be poised for robust growth
  • Presence and development plan of Internet players in IoV field
  • Deep dive into market space of automobile aftermarket segmentation in Asia-pacific region
  • Car owners’ major pain points; services and technologies offering more value to customers and more profits to companies
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