• Summit Background:

    The automotive industry is upgrading on a global scale. The industry witnesses a paradigm shift to the models of mass production via embracing Industry 4.0 and adopting technologies of both internet and IOT. More flexibility is added to manufacturing process. Factory is able to extend the focus on manufacturing process, which remains the tradition, towards both the design and after service. On the other hand, many high-caliber players will have the opportunity of lowering their cost and becoming more adaptive to market dynamics, which helps to tap into new potential. All mainstream automakers will probably need to focus on two parallel tracks, i.e., ICE vehicles and NEVs. Industry 4.0 will then play a role bigger than ever against the context.

    The transformation to industry 4.0 will bring automotive industry changes including faster replacements, more individualization, and easier access for customers to their favorite feature configurations and models. Manufacturers can improve their production management, waste reduction, efficiency improvement and even the achievement of "zero inventory." Of course,it may be tough for some traditional players to make the digital transformation to industry 4.0. It may also, however, incubate indigenous automotive production models as demonstrated by Tesla via integrating the smart manufacturing technologies, cloud technologies, mobile connectivity, new energy, and others.

    The 4th International Automotive Industry 4.0 Summit will focus on the actual transformation of global automotive industry based on the huge success of the previous three Industry 4.0 Summits. The industrial trend, smart plants, smart production, smart logistics and supply chain management, various intelligent production solutions, maximization of the automotive data, big data and cloud safety solutions, as well as other topics related to automotive industry 4.0 will be covered. It is also your optimal platform to talk about international projects with industrial associations, officials, executives and experts of the auto industry.

    Event Highlights:
    • Challenges of Global Automotive Industry and Potentials Presented by Industry 4.0
    • Future Trend of Automotive Industry 4.0
    • Ecosystem of industry 4.0 in China's automotive industry
    • How Robot "Enlighten" the Automotive Smart Manufacturing
    • Smart Automotive Factories in the Future
    • Intelligent Production in the Automotive Industry against the Backdrop of Industry 4.0
    • Supply Chain Management in the Era of Automotive Industry 4.0
    • Contribution of Intelligent Logistic Management System to Customized Manufacturing
    • Internet Thinking Enables Intelligent Manufacturing in Automotive Industry
    • Discussion on Intelligent manufacturing solutions of different types
    • Industry 4.0-based Digital Manufacturing of BMW
    • Smart Manufacturing Solutions for NEVs
    • What Transformation Will Industry 4.0 Bring to Commercial Vehicles
    • Traditional Vehicle Manufacturing will transform to Open Massive Customization
    • How to Maximize the Data Utilization of the Automotive Industry
    • Big Data and Cloud Safety Solutions
    • Build an IT System Targeting Smart Manufacturing
    • In the era of Industry 4.0, cross-industry and multi-disciplinary partnership between Automotive and IT Players
    • Combination of VR Technologies and Automotive Industry

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    A very successful summit, built up a platform for industry better communication in the future, expectation of market, solved users' problem, learnt more when we face the challenge, informative comprehensive content, wish it become better and better!
    --Wittmann Robot
    Well Organized
    very good, very satisfied ,more comprehensive
    This summit gathers different robot manufacturers, we learn more advantage and application of robot in automotive industry
    It's a very successful summit, integrated first- class robot supplier and industrial experts together, provide us a very wonderful Interaction platform.
    Generally speaking, very great, learned more application cases of different industries and made a lot of friends
    --Great Wall
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