2018 China International Pharma 4.0 Summit
May 17-18,2018 | Shanghai China
2018年5月17-18日 | 中国上海

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The deep integration of the new generation of information technology and manufacturing industry is triggering a far-reaching industrial change and shaping new production mode, industrial form, business model and economic growth point. Following German Industry 4.0, China has issued its Made in China 2025 strategy in an aim to accelerate the transformation of its manufacturing industry. Based on cyber physical system, intelligent manufacturing including intelligent equipment and plant is leading the change of manufacturing mode. Biomedicine and high performance medical instruments, as one of the key areas of Made in China 2025 initiative, is facing big challenges and opportunities for innovation and development.

Compared with the pharmaceutical industry in Europe and America, there is still a considerable gap to be filled in China. Many problems remain to be addressed including the frequent issuing of policies and regulations, stringent quality requirements, drug price control, optimization and standardization of production process, risk control and looming human resource problems.

Based on the actual situation of pharmaceutical industry in China, the 2018 China International Pharma 4.0 Summit will discuss some key issues such as policies and regulations, global market trends, technical innovation in the whole chain of drug production, architecture and practice of intelligent pharmaceutical plants as well as advanced technologies such as robotics, AI, informatization, IoT, big data, cloud computing, jointly improve the development and innovation of pharmaceutical industry.


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Sessions & Highlights

Policies, regulations and key trends of global pharma industry

  • The interpretation on the Guidelines for the Development Plan of the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Analysis of current status and pain points of the pharmaceutical industry
  • Combining software and hardware organically to realize intelligent manufacturing
  • Focus on talent training and achieve human-computer interaction to embrace Industry 5.0

Innovation-driven and emerging technologies of drug development and production

  • Added value of the industry brought by continuous manufacturing
  • How should the API break up the monopoly and transform toward the preparation?
  • Intelligent transformation and green upgrade of TCM industry
  • How will AI and robotics reform the traditional pharmaceutical industry?

MES and its correlated system help the pharmaceutical plants to achieve customized flexible production

  • The impact of MES on Pharma 4.0 and its application in the operation of pharmaceutical plants
  • Key to the intelligent pharmaceutical plants: the seamless integration of ERP and MES
  • Changes in the process management modes like drug test, life-cycle quality control and compliance based on IoT
  • The practice of data integrity management in pharmaceutical plants

Important ways to bring about precision marketing for pharmaceutical companies

  • How can big data and cloud computing help pharmaceutical companies to achieve precision marketing
  • Data security and privacy: Pre-interpretation of EU’s General Data Protection Regulations
  • The development and application of “smart tag” and RFID technology
  • Build a complete supply chain system that features the combination of storage technology and logistics management
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