8th International Diesel Engine Summit 2018


December 4-6, 2018 Beijing China

2018年12月4日-6日 中国北京

November 21-23, 2018 Beijing China

2018年11月21日-23日 中国北京


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Event Background

China will officially implement “China VI a” and “China IV”, emission standards for heavy-duty diesel vehicles and off-road mobile machinery respectively. Meanwhile, implementation of stricter emission standards is encouraged in areas where conditions permit. With the drafts of Beijing VI and diesel quality standard hammered out recently, it’s become imperative for the diesel engine makers to find their ways to comply with the strictest-ever rules. Under such circumstances, commercial vehicles, non-road mobile machinery and engines and providers of emission technology all need to enhance R&D, upgrading and application of emission-cutting technology, to prepare themselves in advance for stricter emission regulations.

Based on the successful experience of seven predecessors, the 8th China International Diesel Engine Summit will continue to have a thorough coverage of what’s happening in the diesel engine industry in China, with focus on the policies and regulations for efficiency, emission, and fuel consumption which are of the industry’s top concern currently, as well as latest technologies, future trends and burgeons of innovative business models. The summit will also provide you with a golden opportunity to exchange opinions with government officials, OEMs, industrial leaders and experts on international projects.

Conference Structure
December 4 A.M Policies, regulations and standards
P.M Latest technologies of Commercial Vehicle power system
December 5 A.M Latest technologies for non-road power system
P.M Technologies of key component
December 6 A.M Exhaust emissions & its control technology
P.M Market strategies and future trends
  • Regulatory update and upgrading of emission standards in China
  • Interpretation of Beijing’s regulation on diesel engine emissions and its outlook
  • China's fuel consumption standard and future policy trend
  • Progress & development of diesel fuel quality in China
  • Latest driveline technologies of Commercial Vehicles
  • Status and trend of NVH control technologies for Commercial Vehicles
  • Engine development and matching technologies
  • Hybrid engine: Parallel hybrid drive system
  • How electrification and intelligence help to improve efficiency and lower costs
  • The trend and future of intelligent Commercial Vehicles
  • Latest technologies meeting the non-road emission standards
  • Hydraulic transmission and control technology
  • How to develop reliable and durable oil-electric hybrid products?
  • Technology and business environment for the electrification of non-road mobile machinery
  • Precision agriculture: The trend of intelligent agricultural machinery
  • Intelligent diesel engine technology for a cleaner and better future
  • Development and status of turbocharging technology
  • Advanced combustion technologies
  • Status and trend of lightweight technology for diesel engines
  • Trends of SCR diesel engines applications
  • Market potential and prospect for Adblue in Era 3.0
  • Opportunities and challenges for EGR’s future emission compliance
  • Technological roadmap for adaptive DPF in all working situations
  • HD natural gas engine with ultra-low emission and high efficiency
  • Global marketing strategies taken by local brands
  • Future trends of diesel engine technologies
  • After-market strategies and business models of diesel engine
  • How will the diesel engine industry cope with the world-wide ban on ICE vehicles?