Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health developed the spreading model of COVID-2019 using the estimates of virus' seasonality, immunity, and cross-immunity. According to the model, there might be recurrent outbreaks in every winter after the current one, also the worst one, is over. The pandemic might urge the world to include the prevention of periodic epidemics and pandemics into global public health development. It's imperative for us to start considering the surging demands for mass vaccination in the current and future periodic breakouts. In the 21st century, an era witnessing advanced sciences and healthcare technologies, we need to achieve herd immunity by scientific means – vaccine!

A rough analysis of COVID-2019 vaccine research data shows that China and U.S. are 'neck and neck' in the progress of vaccine development and the vaccines which show the biggest progress so far are those developed by multiple countries through cooperation, in which the most notable one is the new adenoviral vector-based vaccine co-developed by CAS academician Mrs. Chen Wei and the CanSino Biologics team. Vaccine Administration Law of the People's Republic of China was introduced in 2019, indicating that China will tighten its regulations and policies to build a vaccine industry under regulation and scrutiny. As our quality of life improves, there will be huge unmet demands for vaccines. This year remains an opportunity for the vaccine industry to grow with the support of national policies, tech-savvy talents returning from abroad, and heavy investment.

We are glad to find that many Chinese instrument and equipment manufacturers are engaged in the development of COVID-2019 vaccines. They took this opportunity to make their first debut and made invaluable contribution to this important cause, which perhaps will lead to a new blossom of domestic vaccine manufacturers. The 2021 Vaccines for Human Use Innovation Summit themed as "Pioneer of Saving Life with Life Science; pioneering to save people's life with whole-heartedness and " will focus on a wide range of topics including COVID-2019 vaccine development, progress of different types of vaccines, clinical development and research, process development and enhancement, as well as immune product line planning of vaccine makers. The summit aims to serve as a platform for vertical communication between instrument and equipment makers and vaccine companies to share the latest progress and updates in the industry. Over 300 industry representatives including company executives, industry leaders, renowned experts, government officials from both Chinese and global vaccine industry will be invited to the summit.





8:00-12:30 Plenary Pession
Policies, laws and regulations
Vaccine industry operations and outlook
14:00-18:00 Human Use Veterinary Vaccine
Vaccine R&D Veterinary Vaccine clinical and research
18:00-20:00 Gala Dinner
  Human Use Veterinary Vaccine
8:00-12:30 Vaccine technology development and cGMP quality control Veterinary Vaccine clinical and research
14:00-18:00 Vaccine clinical developing strategies Veterinary Vaccine technology process



Interpretation of the first Vaccine Administration Law
Industry leaders share important news in the industry
Immune innovation experiences of the U.S., Europe, Japan, and Russia
Global R&D progress of COVID-2019 Vaccines
Interpretation of clinical data of the latest COVID-2019 vaccines
Discovery, development and design of novel vaccines
New strategies for designing novel vaccines and adjuvants
"Quick-Wins" strategies for developing vaccines in acute and major epidemics
Research on vaccine delivery
Analysis of current epidemiological data in China
Quality control of vaccine cGMP
R&D status of tumor vaccines
Prediction for the scale of COVID-2019 vaccine industry and discussion about the operation of commercial supply chain from leading vaccine enterprises