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  • Event Background:

    The rapid development of China's economy and the surging demand for cars have promoted the development of transportation industry. China's automobile enterprises are developing very fast, but meanwhile certain environmental pollution problems and energy shortages also appeared.

    Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) brought into force the China IV emission standard on July 1, 2013, and the China V emission standards has been enforced in advance in some developed regions and are expected to take mandatory effect in the whole country may be in the end of 2015. The China VI emission standards is also being established. The Beijing VI emission standards, refering the more stricter California emissions standards, will be first implemented in Beijing in 2016. In such circumstances, the passenger cars, transmission, engine manufacturers, and the emissions control technology manufacturers need to put more efforts on the innovation and practical application of EC&ER technologies, so as to get ready for stricter emissions regulations.

    For the huge success of China International Automobile Engine Summit 2014, the 2nd China International Automobile Powertrain Summit will be held in Beijing from April 9, to April 10, 2015. This summit, based on the actual situation of China Automotive Powertrain Industry, will discuss in-depth the emissions policies and regulations, the updates and development trend of latest technology, the upgrade of fuel quality , the latest technology of gearboxes and other hot topics. It also remains the optimal platform for you to communicate international projects with senior government officials, OEMs, industry leaders and experts.

    Event Highlights:
    • The latest EU regulations and future path of emission control
    • Risks and opportunities for China's export to EU
    • Summary and guidance for the execution of China V in key cities
    • China VI is not a copy of Euro VI, but more in line with the situation of China
    • Beijing VI will refer to the California or European standards?
    • Preparations and smooth transition before the implementation of Beijing VI
    • Development process of Chinese gasoline quality and its legislative regulation
    • National supply timeline of China V gasoline
    • Market strategic analysis on China Automotive Powertrain
    • The latest technology of Gasoline Engine
    • Advanced DCT technology
    • Clutch, Drive Shaft and Drive Axle technology
    • Lightweight technology of Powertrain
    • How to improve the power performance while maintaining strength and safety performance of vehicles
    • Electronic controlled injection with TWC technology
    • EGR technology
    • Efficiently improve the Fuel Economy
    • Third, fourth-phase fuel consumption standards and enterprises' strategy
    • Latest application of key energy-saving technologies
    • Engine management systems greatly improve vehicle performance
    • Latest Engine NVH control technology
    • Calibration and testing of the powertrain indicators
    • National support and government subsidies for New Energy Vehicles
    • Powertrain Patent layout and IPR
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    Fantastic!Wish the next summit a better one!
    --Shanghai Volkswagen
    Honestly,It was a great summit which focused on the research of the Engine. I think it would be better if the topic tighted the policy and technology development. Besides, it would be perfect if the consultancy (like FEV, AVL) could be invited to the summit to do some supplement.
    Great organization,thoughtful service,wonderful Speaker. We got a lot from this summit, which was an opportunity of excellent industrial communication!
    --Dong Feng Yu Lon Motor Company
    The theme of this summit is clear and match the Industry trends of nowadays and it's very helpful to my work.
    The big advantage of this summit is the distinctive themes which concentrate on Emission reduction policies, laws and regulations, technical route and trends.
    --Castrol China Technology Center
    The Organizer builds the industry exchange and communication platform among the Companies.
    --Hirschvogel Automotive Parts (Pinghu) Co., Ltd.
    Good organization! Wish you have more specific discussion for different engine parts and emission parts!
    --Oerlikon Balzers Coating
    It was great to invite the government department to explain the new regulations which allow us to know development and implementation progress of future emission regulations.
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