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  • Event Background:

    Comparing with gasoline engine, diesel engine offers 40% more driving mileage, while saving by 30% the fuel and reducing by 25% the CO2 emission. It represents the general trend that increasing number of diesel-fueled vehicles are cracking into the market. However, diesel engines emit a fair amount of harmful particulate matters and nitrogen oxide compounds, which requires stricter regulation of standardizing and monitoring the exhaust gas emission of diesel engines.

    China has officially implemented China IV standards for diesel vehicles from January 1st 2015, while China III standards for diesel engines of non-road mobile machinery were officially implemented since October 1st last year. Under these circumstances, manufacturers of commercial vehicles, non-road mobile machinery and engines and professional providers of emission technology all need to increase their input in research, development, renewal and application of emission-cutting technology, to prepare themselves in advance for stricter emission regulations.

    Based on the successful experience of three predecessors covering diesel engines, the fourth China International Diesel Engine Summit will focus on the practical dynamics in diesel engine industry in China and discuss the buzzing topics that are high on insiders' agenda. Topics ranging from the policies and regulations in energy and emission reduction, the latest technical development and future trends, to the latest industrial practices and shared experience of hot spots of innovative business models. In addition, the summit will be your best platform to exchange opinions with government officials, OEMs, industrial leaders and professionals over international projects.

    Event Highlights:
    • Regulatory policies on diesel engine under the "13th Five-Year Plan"
    • MIIT to regulate and optimize the Industrial Standards
    • Application of OBD technology under China IV
    • Advices and suggestions on the transition from China III to China IV for NRMM
    • Summary analysis of the execution of Beijing V for heavy-duty diesel vehicles
    • Execution status and instructions of Stage IV for NRMM
    • How terminal channels across the country secure the supply of China IV diesel fuel
    • Diesel Engines of different technical standards can be exported to which countries
    • How to adapt precisely to customer needs and offer differentiated products
    • Latest technologies of Diesel Engine in the world
    • Problems occurred after conducting SCR and the solutions
    • Supervision methods of urea solution and the issuance of CGT label
    • Status quo of EGR technology and its future
    • How China IV would transform the industrial chain of Commercial Vehicles in China
    • Latest technologies that meet Stage IV/Tier 4 Final emission standards
    • Requirement of engine technology in the latest Agricultural Machinery emission standard
    • How to maintain the relationship between Suppliers and OEMs for sustained development?
    • How the issuance of Fuel Consumption Standards impact the diesel engine industry
    • How to efficiently beef up thermal efficiency and intake efficiency of engines while reducing its frictional loss
    • Improvement of NVH control technology for Diesel Engine
    • Nature Gas Engine will embrace explosive growth in China
    • Prospect for dieselization of Passenger Car in China
    • Patent layout and IPR for Diesel Engine Technologies
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    Well organized. Many companies involved are the industry leaders within their own fields. It’s a premium platform for networking as well.
    --Weichai Power
    It has been well organized, and the abundant content of the presentations also stands for the most advanced diesel engine technologies at present.
    --Qingling Isuzu (Chongqing) Engine Co., Ltd.
    Well done event. I will attend more in the future. Well worth the time and energy to attend.
    --General Motors
    Very good! Looking forward next year!
    --Jiangling Motors Company
    It’s has been well organized, we gain fruitfully.
    --Hudong Heavy Industry
    One of the best (summit) I have been to.This is a good venue for discussing current issues with others. It is better than a trade show for this.
    --Neenah Gessner
    My best compliment for the organization of the seminar, every was perfect and you all have been very professional.
    --Hug Engineering AG
    Very Good!
    --Impro International Ltd
    Organizer has done lots of work on this event, overall the summit is good.
    --Chengdu WIT Electronic Fuel System Co., Ltd.
    Well organized. Hope you could host more events.
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