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Event Background

In recent years, as China implements Belt & Road Initiative(BRI) and Made in China 2025 strategy and encourages the development of advanced equipment manufacturing, non-road mobile machinery (NRMM) represented by construction equipment and agricultural machinery is on its rise. Reports show that the total ownership of construction machinery in China witnesses an average annual growth rate of 10.0% during 2010-2015, with revenue expected to reach 650billion RMB by 2020; diesel engines for agricultural machinery grow 3.8% every year, expected to reach 600billion RMB for gross industrial output value by 2020. The development of the industry also provides a broader market for manufacturers of supporting parts.

However, the implications of NRMM emissions on the air quality and environment cannot be underestimated. China is actively tapping into an environment management system for non-road moving source and has established primary-stage systems and standards such as “Disclosure of Environmental Information of Newly Produced NRMM” and “Stage Ⅳ Emission Standard for Emitted Pollutants of NRMM Diesel Engines”. During the “13th Five-Year Plan” period, the government will develop moving source emission standards for designation of NRMM low-emission areas, NRMM smoke intensity, and emission limitation and measuring method for emitted pollutants of NRMM diesel engine (China 5).

Under this circumstance, 2018 China International Non-Road Mobile Machinery Summit will be held from 19th to 20th April 2018 in Shanghai. Covering latest policies and standards, energy-saving and emission reduction, industrial transformation and upgrading, the summit will provide a unique platform for government officials, executives and experts on international projects.

Event Highlights

Policy Development and Implementation of subsidies for agricultural machinery purchase and China stage IV for NRMM

Opportunities for construction machinery and precision farming under “Belt & Road Initiative” policy and “13th Five-Year Plan”

“Go Global” policy and compliance to global purchasing standards in global trades

Development of intelligence, information and digital technologies in NRMM and industrial upgrading

Innovation of aftermarket modes like re-manufacturing and financial leasing and seeking new profit growth points

Latest technologies and upgraded products on NRMM energy saving and emission reduction

Advanced technologies such as autonomous driving, AI and HMI and their applications

Upgrading and optimization of cutting-edge technologies like hydraulic transmission, lightweight design, mechatronics and modular design

Strengthen industry communication, seeking innovative development and promoting international cooperation

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Construction machinery manufacturers

Agricultural machinery manufacturers

Engine manufacturers

Spare parts and components suppliers

Processing and manufacturing equipment suppliers

Petrochemical product suppliers

IT and software suppliers

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