Registration Fee 参会费用

Please fulfill and fax form to +86 21 54363078 or you can also email it to
请填好后传真至:+86 21 54363078或者email至

One Person
Two People
Three or more people3
Total Amount
RMB 7,998
Per delegate
RMB 7,198
Per delegate
RMB 6,398
Per delegate

Attention: Registration Fee includes the two day event participation, luncheon buffet and tea breaks, conference documentations, audio files, but not includes travelling and accommodation fee. Final interpretation is subject to Borscon.

  • Company Name 公司中文名(发票抬头)
  • Tel .电话 Address 地址 Postal 邮编

Attendees Info 参会人员信息

  • Name 姓名Division 部门Job Title 职位E-mail 邮箱Direct Line 直线电话Mobile Num. 手机Signature 签名Date 日期

I want to buy the documentation only 我只想购买会议资料

RMB6,000 for each copy including postage and handling charge (could be sent off within two weeks after the summit)

Payment Methods 付款方式

  • Credit Card 信用卡支付
    • Card Num. 卡号            
    • Expiry Date 信用卡有效期 /       CVV
    Card Holder’s Signature 持卡人签名
  • T/T transfer / Wire transfer / Local transfer 银行转账
    Please pay within 5 working days upon receipt of invoice via email

Sponsorships are available千万不要错过赞助的机会

Should you have any question on sponsorship, please contact Vicki Yang at +86 21 64856566-684 or email to
若联系赞助商事宜,请拨打+86 21 64856566-684找Vicki Yang,或者发送email至

Provision on Cancellation 取消条款

If you are unable to attend it, you can ask your colleague to make it instead of you without any extra costs; or you can also reserve the seats in the name of credit voucher and use it in our future events; should you cancel your registration before 30 days prior to the event date, a charge of 50% of the registration fee will be deducted; we regret that we can't accept the cancellation if it took place 30 days before the event date and payments will not be refunded and all the costs should be fully paid as well.

如果您不能参会,您可以让其他人来接替您出席,无需额外支付费用;您也可以选择以代金券的形式全价保留参会席位,在博勘公司以后的会议中使用;如果您在会议召开前 30 天前取消席位,我们将扣除 50% 的注册费用;如果您在会议召开前 30 天内取消席位,我们将不予接受,您必须支付注册费用,并且恕不退还您所付款项。

Disclaimer 免责声明

Borscon reserves the right to alter the program, including (but not limited to) topics, speakers, and venue, without prior notice. All contents, including (but not limited to) : the topics, speakers, and venue, may contain proposals that may be subject to updates and await final confirmation and execution.