2020 China International Biopharma4.0 Summit
September 9-11 | Shanghai China
2020年9月9日-11日 | 中国上海
Overview of 2020CIBP Summit
Based on the transformation &upgrading and policy reform of China’s pharmaceutical industry, and theprevious successful experience of last session, China International Biopharma4.0 Summit(2020) will further deepen topics concerning the implementation of specific policies and regulations on the biological cell culture technology, protein characterization and optimization and ICH-Q series, and discuss more practical topics such as Pharma 4.0, the latest progress in technologies, future trends, digitization and intelligence of biopharma companies, CGMP quality management system from laboratories to plants, regulations on the use of SUS, optimization of cell culture technology, advanced experience of upstream and downstream biopharma technology, and outsourcing technology development IP. The summit will also provide an optimal platform for you to communicate with government officials, CMO, CRO, biopharma companies, pharmaceutical device providers, software and logistics solutions providers, industry leaders and experts on international projects.
Gathering of global giants
500+ Delegates from BioPharma Industry.
250+ Global Biopharma Delegates
30+ Famous Experts
Gathering of industrial pioneers
30+ Worldwide Biopharma Solution Providers
50+ Media Exposure
Feb. 13th -14th , 2020 | Shanghai, China
International Biopharma 4.0 Summit 2020
Introduction of some
This summit provides a platform for participating representativesto have high-level dialogues. The representatives reached a cooperation intention on long-term projects on the site through in-depth exchange with high-level management of all enterprises and effective interaction between upstream and downstream industrial chain, which lent a splendid color to the summit. Most representatives were satisfied with the summit and expressed their expectation on the next session.

Dr.Jason Li

Trinomab Biotech Co. Ltd.

Jianfeng Gao

Sr.Director QA
Innovent Biologics

Jens Ewert

Partner,China Life Science & Healthcare Leader

Ranjan Chakrabarti, Ph.D.

Vice President - Global Biologics
United States Pharmacopeial Convention

Xun Liu

Jiangsu Hengrui Medicine Co.,Ltd

Dr. Stefan Kappeler

Technology Manager, Life Sciences and Chemicals Global Business Unit
Exyte Group

Jimmy Li

Vice President
WuXi Biologics

Jizu Yi

Vice President of CMC Process
Wuhan YZY Biopharma Co. Ltd

Dr. Joe Zhou

President/Principal Scientist
Genor Biopharma Co.,Ltd

Werner Blersch

Global Product Manager

Qian Jun

Shanghai Zhichu Instrument Co.,Ltd.

Prof. Xianbao Zhan

Director of Oncology
Shanghai Changhai Hospital

Otmane Boussif

Global Head Cell & Gene Therapy Technical Development

Dr. Zhiwei Song

Senior Principal Scientist
Bioprocessing Technology Institute A*STAR, Singapore

John Zhang

Vice President,Process Development & Manufacturing Technology
BeiGene Co., Ltd.

Dr.Xingyu Zhong

Senior Application Specialist of Single Cell Multiomics Platform
BD (China)

Donald Palahnuk

Vice President
TopAlliance Biosciences Inc

Denis Kole

Manager Continuous Bioprocessing
Pall Biotech

Tony Au

General Manager,China

Anthony Mire-Sluis

Head of Global Quality

Joan Shen MD, PhD

Vice President of Research and Clinical Development
I-Mab Biopharma Co., Ltd

Jianxin Yang MD, PhD

Chief Medical Officer,SVP, Clinical Development
CStone Pharmaceuticals

Dr. Chengbing Wu

Founder & CEO
EpimAb Biotherapeutics Inc.

Matthias Maaz

Global business Director for Life Sciences and Specialty Chemicals

Zhengyu Yi

Executive Vice President and Secretary-General
Shanghai Pharmaceutical Profession Association

Junli Zhang

Senior Vice President and Senior Advisor to CEO
Shanghai Henlius Biotech Co.,Ltd.

Zhuanglin Li

Vice President
RemeGen, Ltd

Judie Liu

Deputy General Manager, BioPharma
Qilu Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.

James Weidner

Executive Director of Process Development

Youling Wu, PhD

Chairman and President
Zhejiang Teruisi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

James Yan, M.D., Ph.D., DABT

Chief Operating Officer, R&D
Zai Lab

Cuihua Liu,PhD

SVP,Technology &Development
Bio-Thera Solutions, Ltd.

Cynthia Pussinen

Vice President/General Manager of Pharma and Life Sciences business

Xinan Lu, PhD

Beijing Immunochina Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd

Michael Xie, PhD

Vice President
Shanghai Henlius Biotech Co.,Ltd.

Fred Mao

Partner,Managing Director
Frost & Sullivan

Wenzhi Tian,PhD

Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer
ImmuneOnco Biopharma

Jerry Yang, PhD

General Manager

Alan Wong

Vice President of Biomanufacturing
WuXi Biologics

Dr. Joe Zhou

President,Chief Scientist
Genor Biopharma Co.,Ltd

Michelle Zheng, Ph.D

Sr VP of Biologics
Frontier Bio

Dr. Jijie Gu

Executive Vice President and CSO
WuXi Biologics

Jianfei Yang, PhD

Vice President, Biologics
Kintor Pharmaceuticals

Louis Liu MD

SVP, Head of Technology Platform
Harbour BioMed



Borscon Group