2020 China International Biopharma4.0 Summit
September 9-11 | Shanghai China
2020年9月9日-11日 | 中国上海
The 2019 China International Biopharma 4.0 Summit sponsored by Borscon Group (www.borscon.com) was successfully held in Shanghai from March 21 to 22, 2019. Based on the technical difficulties and other challenges faced by the biopharmaceutical industry, the summit has brought together 350 attendees, including experts and scholars from the biopharmaceutical industry giants at home and abroad, representatives from industry institutions and media, and decision-makers and senior executives of leading enterprises. Through thematic discussions, keynote speeches, round table discussions and other activites, the attendees jointly interpreted the new strategic pattern of the biopharmaceutical industry in the new era and the future market opportunities and development trends in the field of biopharmaceutical industry.
The conference received high attention from both insiders and outsiders of the industry. Attendees invited to the main session on the first day include: Dr. Jiang Canping, Head of Solothurn Manufacturing Sciences at Biogen; Dr. Scott Liu, CEO of Henlius Biotech Inc.; Ron Rossbach, Industry Consulting Principal, Life Sciences, Emerson; Benjamin Le Quéré, General Manager of the Bioprocess Solutions business unit, Saint-Gobain; Christopher Kopinsky, Global Product Leader Analytics, GE Healthcare Life Sciences; Viliam Kovac, former Vice President of Global Supply Quality, Roche; Frank Ye, Ph.D. , Senior Vice President of Technical Operations, Hangzhou Just Biotherapeutics Inc.; Matthew Luo, Deputy General Manager of Quality Assurance Department, Livzon Pharmaceutical Group Inc.; Thierry Gastineau, Associate Vice President, Head of Global Regulatory-CMC for Vaccines, Sanofi Pasteur.


Session A会场和Session B会场

Those present at Session A on the second day include: Wu Hao, Director of Drug Evaluation Department, Shanghai Center for Drug Evaluation and Inspection; Peter Peng, GM of JHL Wuhan and EVP of Regulatory Affairs, JHL; Dr. Mark Demesmaeker, Head of Data Analytics, Sartorius; Roman Necina, SVP Process Development & Technical Services, Shire; Trevor Marshall, Director Global Engineering, Zenith Technologies; Zhu Huilin, Ph.D, Director of Cell Culture Process Development, WuXi Biologics; Li Xiaoxiang, SUT Validation Lab Manager, Pall Corporation; Liu Xun, Vice General Manager, Hengrui Medicine; Stefano Selvatici (Marchesini Group); Alberto Negri (Sea Vision); Li Shude, Senior Vice President, Mab-Venture Biopharma Co. Ltd.; and Alex Marchut, Principal Scientist, Technical Operations, Janssen Supply Chain.
Many experts were invited to Session B on the same day to deliver keynote speeches, including Dr. Zhao Qinghai, Vice president, Technical Development & Manufacturing, Forty Seven lnc.; Fang Jianmin, CEO, MabPlex International, Inc.; Pascal Wotling, Head External Supply Operations, Region APMA chez, Novartis; Connery Lin, Ph.D., Senior Director, Antibody Drug Downstream Process Development GenScript, GenScript Biotech Corp; Shi Liming, Executive Director, CMAB Biopharma; John Alter, VP Global Health & Value, Global Established Pharma Business Unit Pfizer; Xie Yansheng from Zhejiang Teruisi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.; Justin Wang, a Partner based in L.E.K.'s Shanghai office and a leader in L.E.K. China's Life Science practice; Guo Bingshi, PhD, MS, CSO of I-Mab Biopharma.
Panel Discussion
In the panel session "enterprise investment in digital technology will probably become inevitable" moderated by Liu Kang from GE Healthcare, guest representatives, including Huaota Biopharm CEO Zhu Xiangyang, Head of Manufacturing Sciences in Biogen Jiang Canping, Head of Data Analytics in Sartorius Dr. Mark Demesmaeker, Biopharming VP of Qilu Pharmacutical Liu Ding, had an in-depth discussion on the digital transformation of enterprises. In another panel discussion focusing on the rising of "Rookie," the key factors and new thinking in the transformation of biopharmaceutical production technology, Hengrui Medicine Vice General Manager Liu Xun was invited to be the chair. WuXi AppTec Vice President Wang Zihong, Director of Global Engineering of Zenith Technologies Trevor Marshall, United BioPharma Inc. CEO Lin Shujing and Shi Tao from Pall Corporation had a thorough discussion regarding the expectations for regulations when embracing new technologies, the progress of advanced equipment standardization, and the challenges and opportunities faced by suppliers and biopharmaceutical companies. The Biopharma 4.0 Leadership Roundtable was hosted by Innovent SVP Xu Wei. CBMG CEO Liu Bizuo, VP and Head of International Business Development of Salubris Dr. Sam Murphy, SanPower Group CSO Du Zhou, BeiGene Manufacturing VP Liu Jian had heated discussions on topics such as "Pharmaceutical giants are losing their strength, small and beautiful enterprises gradually become popular", "Will it be a new way out for traditional pharmaceutical companies to invest billions in bio-drugs?" and "Why are start-up biopharmaceutical enterprises favored over others?" The guests on and off the stage frequently interact with each other, evoking warm response.
The summit also received strong support from many leading companies in the industry, such as Emerson, GE Healthcare, Saint-Gobain, Pall Corporation, Sartorius, Zenith Technologies, GenScript Biotech Corp, MabPlex, Marchesini Group, Avantor, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Boehringer-Ingelheim, Siemens, Tofflon, Mettler Toledo, Olymstar, Haier Biomedical, Cole-Parmer, West Pharmaceutical Services, Rieckermann, and Jet Bio-Filtration, and the support from Watson-Marlow and other sponsors. Although lasting only for two days, the summit has received warm response and positive feedback from the attendees and closed successfully. The China International Biopharma 4.0 Summit will continue to bring you wonderful experience. We are looking forward to your future participation!