Agenda at a glance:

EU’s emission regulation and new energy strategy in the future
Updates on diesel engine emission policy and new energy plan in China
Fuel standards and policy trend on heavy-duty diesel vehicles
Policy trend, monitoring and governance of NRMM
Platform technology and efficiency improvement of hybrid powertrain system for commercial vehicles
Latest technologies and applications in the electrification of non-road mobile machinery
Fuel cell technologies for heavy-duty powertrain and their commercialization
Latest technologies of natural gas engine and matching designs
Marketization and industrialization of methanol commercial vehicles
Under the background of Auto “four new transformations”, how should heavy-duty power manufacturers transform and upgrade?
Latest technologies and trends of commercial vehicle powertrain
Technical development and industrial upgrading of the NRMM industry under the new normality
Trends and engineering development direction of China V non-road emission standards
Main problems and solutions of SCR technology in the implementation of China VI
Latest technology and performance research on efficient catalyst
Establishment of AdBlue filling infrastructure and industrial development
Technical routes that comply with Euro VII and the zero emission requirements of diesel engine
New-generation electronically controlled HPCR fuel injection technology
Electrification strategy of diesel turbocharging and practical applications
Development and application of HDD engine lubricants technology
How diesel engine industry seeks opportunities and bucks the trend against the coronavirus pandemic?

Government & Association

European Commission
Ministry of Ecology and Environment of the PRC
Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the PRC
Jinan Automobile Testing Center

Industry Leaders

Weichai Power
Yunnei Power
Foton Daimler
Volvo Trucks

Industry Leaders

Beiqi Foton
Toyota Motor
General Motors
Geely Group
John Deere
Hitachi Construction Machinery
Volvo Construcktion Equipment

Industry Leaders

Delphi Technologies
BASF Catalyst

Borscon & Baeson

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