Agenda at a glance:

The global trend of SDVs
The development roadmap to commercialization and innovation of ICVs
Volvo’s next-generation scalable modular architecture
Changan Automobile’s latest technological developments in SDVs
Toyota’s next-generation E/E architecture and software platform for automated driving and high computational ECU
Themethodology of forward design of SDV’s onboard software
The safety requirements of domain architecture onnetwork and software update Vehicle-based SOA design
How Autopilot uses PyTorch in computer vision and deep learning
The technological development and application of automotive-grade AI chips The talent demand and transition in the era of SDVs
Software defined cockpit
How Huawei’s computation and communications architecture empowered SDVs Bosch’s solutions to current E/E architecture challenges
Software architecture and solutions ofADAS domain controllers
Tencent’s latest technological developments in automated driving software Solutions and practices in ICV information security
The integration and evolution of automotive intelligent cockpit onboard systems Theembedded AI intelligent cockpit 3.0 solution
How to build a safe, stable, efficient and easy-to-use vehicle OTA system
The transformation of supply chain and the formation of new industry chain in the era of SDVs

By Position

President, CEO, Managing Director, General Manager
Vice President, Deputy General Manager
Production Director and Manager
Logistics Director and Manager
Supply Chain Director and Manager
Automation Director and Manager

By Position

IT Director and Manager
Operation Director and Manager
Quality Director and Manager
Procurement Director and Manager
Director of Industrial Management and Manager
Consultant, Analyst

By Industry

Auto parts suppliers
University research institutes
Information technology suppliers
Communications technology suppliers
Software technology suppliers
Technology system solution providers

By Industry

IT companies
Supply chain companies
Internet companies
Big data companies
Players in the shared mobility industry
Consulting companies

Borscon & BIMI

Shanghai BIMI Summit Group, a spin-off from Shanghai Borscon Business Consulting, focuses on powertrain and passenger car relevant researches, aiming to drive the development of future propulsion.

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