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Event Background:

The thermal efficiency of diesel engine is higher than that of gasoline engine by 30%, and the greenhouse effect generated from its emissions is lower than that of gasoline engine by 45%; therefore, the popularity of diesel vehicles will represent the general trend. However, the harmful particulate matter emissions of diesel engines are relatively large, so strict emission regulation is required to control and supervise the exhaust gas emission of diesel engine.

The Ministry of Environmental Protection has formally implemented the "China IV" on July 1, 2013, and the "China V" is expected to be implemented in 2015. While Beijing has carried out the "Beijing V" equivalent to "Euro V" standards earlier this year, and formally implemented the "Beijing III" aiming at non-road diesel machinery since July 1 this year. In such a situation, the commercial vehicles, non-road mobile machinery, engine manufacturer, as well as the professional enterprise on emissions technology should increase the research and development as well as practical application in emission technology, and prepare for more stringent emissions regulations in advance.

China International Diesel Engine Summit 2013 will probe into the policies and regulations on energy conservation and emission reduction, the latest technology trends and future development trends concerned by the industry insiders, share business model innovation hotspots, such as engine remanufacturing greatly advocated by Chinese government and other latest industry practices and experiences. Here will also be a best platform for you to make transnational project communications with senior government officials, OEM manufacturers, and industry leaders and experts.

Event Highlights:
  • Summary and Analysis on the partial implementation status of heavy-duty diesel vehicles of China V
  • The future trends of China V and China VI
  • Implementation status and Guidelines of Beijing V on heavy-duty diesel vehicles
  • Popularization progress of Automobile diesel fuelsIVand Automobile diesel fuelsVin China
  • Guidance and strategy of multinational corporations to extend middle and low market
  • Challenges and solutions of local enterprises to open up high-end market
  • Development prospect of diesel cars in China
  • Latest technology of global diesel engine
  • Up-to-date Aftertreatment Technology of SCR System
  • Progress of AdBlue supply and infrastructure construction
  • Huge after-sales service market in China
  • Latest Reman technologies and standards of Diesel Engine
  • Challenges and opportunities for power systems upgrading
  • High-end diesel engine to enhance global competitiveness of Non-road machinary OEMs
  • Effects of emissions control upgrading on agricultural machinery industry
  • Adopt the latest filter technology to meet the requirements of "China IV" and "China V"
  • Lubricant: improve fuel economy & reduce emission
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